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2017 LFRW Awards Packet

01/17/2017 10:21am

 Page 27 added
Ginny Martinez address and chairman corrected
37 Pages of packet
Marion Kuriss Award year dates changed page 28
Caring for America Touch Pillow email added
Trula Russek Attendance Award for 2017 added
Section 15 (year changed) to 2019 Honoree Nomination

LFRW Membership Form

10/09/2016 4:36pm


All Committees Reports for Spring of 2016

08/18/2016 9:58pm



Awards – Debbie Farmer reported that the 2015 Awards Packet is still available for guidelines on the website. If there

are any questions, please contact her. She reminded everyone to keep track of all of the campaign hours. Clubs can

decide which areas they want to use to compete, and do not have to compete in every category.

Bylaws – Karen Fandal is reviewing LFRW bylaws versus NFRW bylaws and making recommendations for changes in


Campaign – Anne Price stressed that unity has to be the theme in the 2016 campaign. Please do serious vetting of the

candidates. Regional VPs and Presidents were asked to get the information for their members. Voting records show who

the candidate really is and is important. We have to get enthusiastic about our candidate, Donald Trump. He may not be

everything we want, but is better than the alternative. Walk, talk, attend events. Work with the Parish Executive

Committees in your area.

Community Service – Mickey Jackson had to leave, so Gena Gore delivered her report. Sseveral clubs worked hard during

the recent flooding and storms. Republican women provided food for volunteers, victims, helped with cleanup and

completion of FEMA forms. On May 5, many Republican women's club members participated in community-wide prayer


Legislative – Joyce Lacour reminded members to learn about their legislators’ voting records. She reported that Senator

Elbert Guillory was the only state senator who received an A+ from LABI for his voting record. She highlighted the tax

increases that have been passed and some of the other legislation that has been passed or defeated during the past few


Mamie Eisenhower – Stacy Cooper, Vice-Chair, reported that a book club had been founded in Region VI featuring books

from the Mamie Eisenhower list.

Publicity – Gail Dysart reported that pictures of the Executive Committee were published in several newspapers. The PR

for the Laura Ingraham event was statewide. It was also featured on Internet sites promoting it.

Ginny Martinez – Dottie Maziarz reported that each club was asked for $25 donation. The committee is hoping that they

can give 2 scholarships in the amount of $1000 each. Applications are due December 1, 2016. WRCNO donated $1000

from the Treasurer of the club and the club itself donated $100. A report from the mother of the last recipient was

given, telling how the money was spent. $2000.42 was collected in the pass the hat at this meeting.

TARS – Linda Vinsanau reported that she will be meeting with various TARS clubs about going to their convention. She

will be meeting with a potential club in Glenda Stark’s region. President Gore reported that the Executive Committee

had approved a $600 donation to the Republican Teen club in Slidell.

Leadership Development – Linda Vinsanau passed out reports and asked for members to refer to them.

Caring for America - Susan Hafner reported that the Pillow project is now being taken nationwide. It is reaching people

on a personal level. Her report has been handed out and includes contact information for the project.


LFRW Fall Board Meeting 2016

08/18/2016 9:01pm

 welcome to Lake Charles

LFRW Fall Board Meeting 2016 Workshops

08/18/2016 9:01pm

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